About Our Company

Jan Nykrýn
Seat: Pod Třešněmi 23, Praha 5
Company ID: 6889 0621
Registation by: Živnostenský odbor MČ Praha 5

Jan Nykrýn is a small company from the Czech Republic with licences for the following activities:

Artist management services to a select group of artists

We are providing personalized artist management services to a select group of artists from the Czech Republic. Let's mention at least Karolína Bubleová Berková - mezzo-soprano soloist of the National Theatre in Prague, Václav Dvořák - violinist, or Prague Symphony Pops Orchestra. As a matter of fact, Jan Nykrýn performed twelve years as a violist of the well-known chamber group called the Czech Nonet, and served several years as its managing director.

Ocasionally, we provide complete services for organizing special events (concerts, banquets, etc.)

Internet services

We have designed and developed a significant number of Web pages and we rank among small but dynamic and dependable companies. Our credo is promptness, absolute reliability and individual approach to your needs.

Our main bussiness is Web designig and complete Internet services: second level domains maintenance, e-mail addresses, and more. We are aimed mostly to clients from artistic sphere. See our reference page for more details.

Recording services

Our company also specializes on recording and releasing CDs under the eART label. The new projects can be found on our records page. Besides this area of interest, we also make live recordings of concerts, especially classical music ones. On a pair of microphones you will get the professional recording of your event. For more details, please look at the reference page.