We provide full services in the fields of classical music: concert management for artists, recording services including releasing CD's under the Jan Nykrýn label, and more. We help artists to transform their professional expertise into the digital world, not only in the form of CD's but also in the form of full internet services. Besides, we provide music for weddings, banquets, congresses, ball-room dances, and other events.

Artist Managementconcerts

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Concert Management

We are pleased to provide personalized artist management services to artists and ensembles, whom we also provide services connected to their professional engagements from concert booking and contract negotiations, up to recodings and website development.

Artists and Ensembles:

Karolína Bubleová Berková Václav Dvořák Musica Pro Anima Parnas Ensemble
Karolína Bubleová Berková

Karolína Bubleová Berková – mezzo-soprano

Karolína Bubleová Berková is a winner of International Singing Competition of E. Destinn. She appears on the stage of the National Theatre in Prague in title roles (Glass's opera Beauty and the Beast, etc.) and gives concerts with significant foreign and Czech orchestras (Berliner Symphoniker, Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, etc.).

Václav Dvořák

Václav Dvořák – violin

Václav Dvořák studied violin not only in Czech Republic, but also at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, and became a semi-finalist of the competitions in Zagreb (Croatia) and in New York (USA). He is the leader of the Doležal Quartet. In May 2007, he has recorded CD with premiere recording of H. W. Ernst's Bolero and Nocturno.

Václav Dvořák

Musica Pro Anima

The chamber ensemble is formed by the talented Prague Symphony Orchestra members. Its primary goal is to present the best compositions of the chamber music literature from Baroque to contemporary compositions to its audience. The string quintet can be easily extended by other instruments, such as flute, clarinet, oboe, French horn, piano or organ.

Parnas Ensemble

Parnas Ensemble

The Parnas Ensemble is a versatile high–calibre chamber group performing both light classical and ballroom dance music for various occasions. The group has recorded two CDs with the most popular classical tunes, performed many concerts, and toured Japan in 2012 and 2014.


Photos from our events:

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Music ProductionWeddings, Banquets & More

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Weddings, Banquets, Congresses

Our music production services for various events (welcome-drinks, banquets, congresses, weddings, parties, ball-room dances, after-party, etc.) can be found in detail on our website at www.music-for-wedding.eu .

Our musicians are well experienced professionals. The programme is always selected individually, according to your request.

Every place and every occasion needs different music and different set-up. From string trio up to a chameber orchestra - we will help you choose the best. Don't forget to ask for a consultation.


Photos from our events:

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RecordingsRecords & CD's

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Our small independent label is specialized in classical music with an overlap to other (mostly acoustics) spheres. Some projects are initiated by ourselves, the others are provided as a service. Besides releasing music on CDs, we also make live recordings of concerts of classical music. Complex projects are coordinated with other companies, so we can provide full service with apropriate team for reasonable price. Don't forget to ask for a consultation – we offer extraordinary services.

Jan Nykrýn label:

CD Liriche CD Orgel im Templo CD Dvorak-Rezek CD Parnas Ensemble Live CD Souvenir From Prague CD Raindrops On Our Heads CD Ajo Čerňanský
CD Liriche

Liriche – Karolína Bubleová Berková

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6001-2

The recommended price is 345 CZK.

CD content:

  • Ottorino Respighi – Sei liriche (selection)
  • Gabriel Fauré – Mélodies
  • Georges Bizet – Romances
  • Maurice Ravel – Five Greek Folk Songs
  • Jaroslav Křička – Northern Nights
  • Leoš Janáček – Nursery Rhymes
  • Petr Eben – Six Old-time Love Songsh
  • Charles Gounod, Jakub Zicha – O, divine Redeemer

Jan Nykrýn label has released a CD of a mezzo-soprano singer Karolína Bubleová Berková entitled "Liriche" [li:rike]. Besides the music on the CD, you will receive a 60-pages booklet with the CD, which includes sleeve-note by Jaromír Havlík and biography of artists. There are also the lyrics of the songs included on CD, in original language.

For more information and for purchase, please send us an e-mail.

CD Orgel im Templo

Orgel im Templo Ecuménico – Tomas Flegr

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6002-2

CD content – Compositions by:

  • Linzer Orgeltabulatur
  • Johann Pachelbel
  • Johann Speth
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Johann Gottfried Walther
  • Domenico Zipoli
  • Robert Johann Nepomuk Führer
  • Christian Friedrich Ruppe

CD of the organist Tomáš Flégr has been recorded in Templo Ecuménico (Gran Canaria), Canary Islands, and released in a limited edition – it is not available for public sale.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.

CD Dvorak-Rezek

Václav Dvořák – violin, Michal Rezek – piano

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6003-2

The recommended price is 279 CZK.

CD content:

  • Antonín Dvořák – Romantic Pieces, Op. 75
  • Bedřich Smetana – From My Homeland
  • Antonín Dvořák – Sonatine, Op. 100
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst - Nocturno, Op. 8/1 – World premiere recording
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst - Bolero, Op. 16 – World premiere recording

The CD of violinist Václav Dvořák contains the first world recording of Nocturno and Bolero by H. W. Ernst. Besides the music on CD, you will receive an eight-pages booklet, which includes sleeve-note by Václav Dvořák and biography of artists together with other information about the recording. Booklet is written both in Czech and in English.

For more information and for purchase, please send us an e-mail.

CD Parnas Ensemble Live

Parnas Ensemble – Live

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6004-2

CD content:

  • W. A. Mozart: Divertimento in F
  • A. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - selection
  • J. Pachelbel: Canon
  • W. A. Mozart: Little Night Music
  • J. S. Bach: Air
  • A. Dvořák: Slavonic Dance No. 8
  • A. Dvořák: Humoresque
  • G. Bizet: Suite From Carmen
  • J. Brahms: Hungarian Dance
  • L. Anderson: Plink, Plank, Plunk

CD has been recorded by the Parnas Ensemble and released in a limited edition.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.

CD Souvenir From Prague

Souvenir From Prague

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6005-2

CD content:

  • W. A. Mozart: Little Night Music - selection
  • J. S. Bach: Loure
  • A. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - selection
  • J. Pachelbel: Canon
  • A. Dvořák: Slavonic Dance No. 3
  • A. Dvořák: Largo
  • B. Smetana: To Our Damsels Polka
  • B. Smetana: Saltation Dance
  • F. Schubert: Ave Maria
  • R. Schumann: Dreaming
  • J. Strauss: On the Hunt
  • J. Strauss: On the Beautiful Blue Danube
  • J. Strauss: Pizzicato Polka
  • J. Offenbach: Suite from Orpheus in the Underworld
  • L. Anderson: Fiddle-Faddle

CD has been released in a limited edition – it has been sold out.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.

CD Raindrops On Our Heads

Raindrops On Our Heads – Prague Spirit Quintet

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6006-2

CD content:

  • A. Piazzolla: Oblivion
  • A. Piazzolla: Anxiety
  • A. Piazzolla: Fear
  • A. Piazzolla: Milonga Sin Palabras
  • L. Bernstein: West Side Story – Maria
  • L. Bernstein: West Side Story – Balcony scene
  • L. Bernstein: West Side Story – America
  • N. Rota: Speak Softly Love
  • B. Bacharach: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  • F. Lai: Love Story
  • J. Loussier: Tango From Violin Concerto
  • C. Debussy: Golliwogg‘s Cakewalk
  • Bernie / Pincard / Casey: Sweet Georgia Brown
  • A. C. Jobim: Chega De Saudade
  • C. Porter: Let‘s Do It
  • D. Ellington: Solitude
  • C. Porter: It‘s De-Lovely
  • L. Harline: When You Wish Upon A Star

CD has been released in a limited edition – it is not available for public sale.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.

CD Ajo Čerňanský

Ajo Čerňanský

Catalogue Number: ny 24 6007-2

CD content:

  • Bratislava
  • Kolombus
  • Inside Of The Sun
  • Dance Of Witches
  • Soundpaintings
  • Addiction
  • Life
  • Senescence
  • No Blooming Daisies Anymore
  • Streets Of Paris
  • One Night In A Smoky Bar
  • Year 3000
  • Time

The CD represents a fusion project of Slovak bass guitarist and music composer Ajo Čerňanský. His music blends styles like jazz, rock, funk, classic and hip-hop. He plays most instruments by himself, but he also cooperates with great musicians like guitarist Andrej Katona (electric guitar in Kolombus, solo guitar in One Night In A Smoky Bar and Streets Of The Paris) and drummer Dano Elek (drums in Kolombus and Inside Of The Sun). Ajo plays a Fender bass from 1969, MusicMac Sabre bass from 1978 and fretless bass handmade by a luthier in New York. All songs are composed by Ajo Čerňanský.

For more information and for purchase, please send us an e-mail.



Internet ServicesWebsites and More

We offer internet services not only for musicians

We specialize on quality individual webdesign - the original look of your internet website with the complexity of services: domain services, e-mail boxes, etc.

We also provide related services, such as photo shooting and graphical services. Not only will this give you the assurance that your website will never be indicted on a copyright frauds, but you will also get unique photos which nobody else has for sure. In co-operation with others, we provide more complex services, to your full satisfaction. Don't forget to ask for a consultatoin – we will be happy to send you a personalized proposition.


Samples of some of our projects:

web amiexpo web atelier web brandpower web cnso web concerts-in-prague web fok web gangadat web guarneritrio web hromovka web hrska web jpecha web kinskytrio web nonet web palmovesvicky web parnas web parnasensemble web pko web pragacamerata web pragasinfonietta web rohan web svatebni-hudba web svu web unieorch web ven-sro web vlachquartet web waldmann web windsport web zamecnictvikovarstvi



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